Where do you go when life doesn't work out the way you planned?

The answer is Justa Center...

...a day resource center for seniors age 55 and older who are homeless in the metro Phoenix region. Justa Center is the nation’s only day-center focused on providing services that help the seniors on their journey out of homelessness. 

Justa Center services are grounded in a person-centered culture to support human dignity and the ethics of personal healing and self-determination. Our methods include building strong trusting relationships, helping to identify goals for ending homelessness, and empower individuals to live in self-reliant way in the community. Since the Justa Center is privately funded, we can invest the time while remaining flexible to build the relationships. 

A core value lived out every day at Justa Center is to treat everyone with respect and dignity. Therefore, individuals served at the Center are called members, not clients, patients, or recipients. 

You are not alone; we can help.

If you are a senior who is currently experiencing homelessness, there are resources and services available to you. Come to Justa Center begin your journey out of homelessness. Visit Our Services page to learn more.