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Autumn: A Season for Change

October 2018

A Positive Change

John walked into the office holding a piece of paper over his head like Rocky’s fight belt. It was the letter confirming he was getting his own apartment after being homeless for more than six months.

When he sat down, the tears came. They were tears of joy, relief, and sorrow. Returning to a private, safe place to live assured him that he was back in charge of his own life. The relief of getting out of the shelter and mass of people that he slept around every night was a positive change.

The tears were also in anticipation of being alone without his beloved wife, who died in January and was the change-event that plunged him into the world of being a 65-year-old homeless veteran. He expressed his concern about being alone with his grief for the first time.

Adapting to Change

Any change, even a positive change, can be hard. For someone who has spent the several months or even years living in a day-to-day existence, staying in housing can be more than they can navigate without support.

The circumstances, choices, or conditions that resulted in an individual becoming homeless can reoccur.

When a member moves into housing, Justa Center changes from being a day resource center to an Extended Care Program where housed members can receive additional support through the Ambassadors. 

Ambassadors make the difference. 

The all-volunteer team of Ambassadors make over 200 visits every month to drop off a bag of groceries and conduct wellness checks. This opens the door for Justa Center to see how a member is doing in their living situation. 

Ambassadors are often the first to know when a member is dealing with a significant physical or mental health crisis, is struggling with memory issues, or in a situation where someone may be taking advantage of them. These visits have helped over 90% of our members to successfully remain in housing. 

Changes at Justa Center

Our website has been redesigned and new content is added weekly. 

The website attracts new visits daily and is the best way to recruit volunteers, educate the public about senior homelessness, celebrate our members, and show how we are making a difference.

With the new donation page, you can make a one-time or recurring donation via safe and secure interface.  Learn more...

Meet our new director, Wendy Johnson. She returned to Phoenix in 2016 after a long career in consulting and nonprofit service on two coasts, joining the Justa team in late June.

She is passionate about serving the mission, the members and the team at Justa Center, as well as a vision for how Justa Center can transform homelessness among seniors. 

If you would like to have Wendy come visit or speak with your group, please contact her using the link below.

Everyone is delighted to have Oly Cowles and Connie Bailes back at  Justa Center. 

Oly generously stepped-up to serve as Interim Director and Operations Manager in March. Help us encourage (and find the funding) to retain Oly on the team to relaunch the Masters of Social Work internship program in 2019. Thank you, Oly. 

When Nurse Mary went on vacation last month, Nurse Connie answered the call to fill the gap for our members. We are bless that she is continuing to volunteer one day each week to provide her nursing skills, along with love and a little magic.  Thank you, Connie.

Thank you for being a friend and supporter.